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Efficiently connect with and collect data from global real asset fund managers

What is Source Central?

Source Central is an interactive marketplace for institutional real asset investors, providing data and connectivity to general partners in real estate, infrastructure, farmland and timberland.

Institutions use Source Central to:

Source, research and review real asset funds, both current and historic

Automatically find ideas that fit their portfolio and strategy

Access industry news and market-leading research content

Keep their inbox organized and free of unsolicited pitches

Download and securely manage content within a specific interface for institutions

Connect directly with fund managers through compliance-friendly interaction

Make better decisions through improved internal data, content knowledge and collaboration

Where is our data from?

Fund Managers. The only primary source.

As a closed platform exclusively for institutions, fund managers have confidence their information is being shared with an appropriate and valuable investor audience - not competitors - resulting in better data.

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Funds by Sector

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Institutional Solutions

Modernizing Your Institutional Real Assets Team

Source Central provides a variety of one-off and white-label solutions to help investors modernize, stay organized and better collaborate as a team.

Inbox to Cloud


Getting tons of pitch emails across your team? Automatically upload from your inbox to shareable fund-specific content portals

Data Migration


Have large file collections or data sets on funds? Are they coordinated and secure? Source Central can migrate your data and files so they are available in the cloud, via a modern, secure interface for your team.

Custom Solutions


Source Central’s software powers institutional investors, consultants, fund of funds, and advisors for their internal data needs, capital raising, investment process and portfolio management.


Access the market and organize for free. Data modernization, custom solutions, and sell secondaries for a fee.

Source Central

Typical Industry Database

Enterprise Solution

Price Free $5k+ $500k +maintenance
Data 3k funds, primary source model Non-primary sourced Only internal
  Unlimited Users
Unlimited Users
  Content Management
Content Management 150GB Secure Cloud Maintained Locally
  Institutional Only /
Compliance Friendly
Institutional Only /
Compliance Friendly
Only Internal
  Inbox to Cloud Document Storage
Inbox to Cloud Document Storage Maybe
  Content and Data Migration
Content and Data Migration
(Service fees may apply)
  White Label
White Label
(Service fees apply)
  LPX Secondaries
Secondaries 10 basis points

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